Posted December 22, 2023

New website for Bellofram elastomers goes live

Bellofram Elastomers, the new entity made by combining Bellofram Diaphragm and Bellofram Silicones, has unveiled its brand new website.

New Website for Bellofram Elastomers Goes LiveThe site can be found at Centralizing information about the two legacy brands into one online location provides a single access point for customers seeking elastomers of every type.

Bellofram Elastomers brings together two legendary names. Bellofram Diaphragm invented the original rolling diaphragm in 1950 and has continued to lead in the manufacture of frictionless and leak-proof rolling seals that handle pressures, temperatures, and stroke lengths over an extremely wide range. Bellofram Silicones is an industry supplier of closed cell silicone sponge and the only source for closed cell silicone sponge sheets skived from buns. It offers bulk extrusion footage, bulk sheet products, and molded parts in small to medium runs.

The Bellofram Elastomers value proposition is its ability to offer three highly specialized capabilities from one manufacturer, the only company able to do so.

First, Bellofram Elastomers manufactures closed cell silicone sponge in both extruded and molded form, a product vital for high-temperature applications. Second, it is the only company in the world that makes closed cell silicone sponge sheets, skived from buns; there is no rind on either side, for the lightest density, lowest closure force silicone material. And third, the company makes formed fabric-reinforced rubber diaphragms, among the few manufacturers in the world to do so.

No one does all three. Except Bellofram Elastomers.

Although products from both divisions serve different applications, there is considerable market overlap. Bellofram Elastomers was created to give customers a single point of entry to the world of elastomer options available with the Bellofram name. All products from Bellofram Elastomers share the benefits of precision manufacturing, custom material formulations, and unmatched institutional knowledge of applications.