Posted January 28, 2024

Professional welding heat gun from Lawson Products

The TRIAC ST is a professional heat gun that is great for professional welding, shrinking, and molding various thermoplastics.

Lawson Products Triac STThe TRIAC ST has many different uses including:

  • Weld and fuse industrial fabrics such as tarps, banners, and billboards. These materials are often made of PVC or other thermoplastic materials that can be welded using hot air
  • Weld plastic pipes made of materials such as PVC, PP, or PE. Thanks to its strong welding power, it can be used to create strong, leak-proof joints in plumbing and irrigation systems.
  • Weld seams in vinyl flooring, creating a durable bond between the flooring sheets.
  • Install and repair flat roofs of TPO, PVC or EPDM membranes. It can be used to weld seams and repair holes and tears in the roofing material.
  • Repairing plastic car parts, such as bumpers and dashboards, creating a strong and durable bond that can withstand the stresses of regular use.

The two-sided air filters can be easily removed and cleaned, ensuring an optimal air supply and maximum performance.

Compared to the design of other heat guns, the proven bar-style heat gun enables welding above the head, on the floor and in narrow areas. The ergonomic, two-component handle and its optimized center of gravity provide an ideal grip, even for longer periods of use and under difficult conditions. When in use, the actively cooled, protective tube ensures continuous safety by protecting against burns. The carbon brake also protects the heat gun from overloading.

  • Professional heat gun with countless applications
  • 120V, 1600W, 104.0-1292.0°F Temperature Range
  • Ergonomic, two-component handle
  • Developed for difficult worksite conditions
  • Reliable and robust hot air blower with temperature control