Posted November 16, 2023

Aerokroil penetrant with SprayTech sprays from any angle

Kano Laboratories, maker of the iconic Kroil brand of lubricating oils is introducing an innovative, engineered design to its line of its industrial-strength penetrants – Aerokroil with SprayTech.

Kano AeroKroil with SprayTechThe new 13-ounce aerosol spray can is designed with an integrated straw and the ability to spray in any direction to quickly loosen frozen and rusted metal parts.

“The new SprayTech design will effectively dispense every drop of Kroil,” said Joan Duvall, Kano Labs’ VP of Marketing, “which is different than traditional propellant-based aerosols.”

Professionals and DIYers trust Kroil for its ability to seep into small crevices to pierce through rust and corrosion.

“Now they can spray Aerokroil with SprayTech from any angle, even holding the can upside down, and not lose velocity,” said Duvall.