Posted November 13, 2023

Walter to deliver robotic solutions for metalworking businesses

In its quest to become a global leader for productivity solutions, WALTER Surface Technologies has recently launched a new service to expand on its automation and robotic solutions for industrial manufacturers.

WALTER announces automation services

WALTER, a member of the A3 – Association for Advancing Automation, has partnered with a large network of North American system integrators and end-of-arm tool manufacturers that specialize in robotic systems and material removal operations in order to craft a fast but thorough automatization process that involves a readiness assessment, the evaluation of requirements and objectives, the selection of the right technology, and the design of the new system, as well as its testing and integration, performance review, training, and ongoing maintenance.

These partners include renowned brands such as PushCorp, ATI Automation, and Effecto, formerly Applied Robotics, and enable WALTER to better support end users from beginning to end, from the quoting and conceptualization stage to the installation and optimization of the system. To further customize the solution and design the perfect system based on the end user’s needs, WALTER works closely with all parties involved to ensure product availability, ensuring a seamless integration.

“Working with WALTER has enabled our mutual end users to successfully execute projects thanks to solutions that were not available elsewhere," said Maximiliano Falcone, vice president of sales engineering at PushCorp. "Our joint ability to provide these solutions on an expedited time schedule has not only enabled critical automation projects to stay on time but has also instilled confidence through to our partnership as market leaders within the automated material removal industry.”

“Whether it be to mitigate workforce shortages, increase production output, or improve safety in manufacturing and industrial plants, choosing robotic solutions allows users to enhance productivity and efficiency as well as increase quality and consistency, all while reducing re-work, costs, changeovers and downtime,” added Cédrik Rochon, R&D engineer.

WALTER offers a broad array of abrasives, tooling, and anti-spatter solutions that can be adapted and tailored to a wide breadth of robotic applications that include heavy grinding, deburring, drilling, and finishing, on all types of materials such as carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, fiberglass, and more. This large selection of adaptable products allows WALTER to support end users and system integrators looking to automate their processes in various industries from metal fabrication and automotive, to composite, aerospace, and metal casting.

“Our team has elaborated a quick but rigorous procedure for assessing automation needs and developing the right solutions while keeping in mind the desired application and operating parameters to ensure maximum output," said Chief Innovation and Marketing Officer Eliane Ouimet. "This procedure works for all types of users, from businesses that are exploring automation for the first time, to users that are looking to boost the efficiency of their existing robotic cells or looking to expand operations to new locations or to tackle new applications.” 

WALTER’s automation consulting services are now available. Learn more at: