Posted November 7, 2023

NETZSCH's NOTOS 3NS screw pump for engine lubrication 

NETZSCH Pumps USA has introduced the NOTOS 3NS three screw pumps for use in engine lubrication and fuel oil applications, including lubrication oil pumps for engine rooms, lubrication oil transfer for diesel engines, and transfer pumps for fuel oil and diesel.

NETZSCH NOTOS 3NS PumpTheir state-of-the-art high efficiency unique design (HEUD) provides excellent performance and the reliability required for the process. The self-priming, lightweight NOTOS 3NS pump feature a small footprint and offer high efficiency, continuous delivery with low pulsation which ensures minimal turbulence and gentle product handling. They are available with an optional upgrade that meets military standards including shock tests.

NOTOS three screw pumps have one drive screw, transferring torque through a hydrodynamic film to the two rotating intermeshing driven screws. They can handle flows up to 1,760 gallons per minute (400 cubic meters per hour); pressure up to 2,300 psi (160 bar); temperature up to 570 °F (300 °C); and viscosity from 1.5 to 15,000 centistokes (including LSD – Low Sulphur Diesel)

The NOTOS 3NS pump screws are nitrated alloy steel or stainless steel. Available in several port configurations, they also feature nitrated bearing bushes that help prevent start up failures and support radial loads. Under suction pressure the pumps require only one mechanical seal. They are offered with an optional magnetic drive.