Posted December 29, 2023

AMT's Ignition project leads to new programming initiative for customers

Applied Manufacturing Technologies (AMT) announced that following a successful large-scale automation project, it has become a Credentialed System Integrator for Ignition by Inductive Automation and has launched a wide-ranging initiative for certification of the engineering staff.

Recognizing the need for digital transformation by AMT’s engineering services customer base, the company has launched the 2024 initiative to offer Ignition programming as a core engineering services offering. AMT has recently installed successful multi-million-dollar robotic automation systems for clients in several industries, which have included software developed with Inductive Automation’s Ignition platform for advanced HMI and SCADA.

"Our Ignition projects have demonstrated the immense potential for data-driven, lean manufacturing, and operational excellence, and has inspired us to integrate Ignition programming as a cornerstone of our 2024 initiative,” said AMT President Craig Salvalaggio. “Our clients valued the power of integrated data to drive lean and smarter manufacturing and achieve operational efficiency and their software engineers were impressed with the ease in which real-time status and control, historical data logging, UDTs & templates, and alarming could be implemented.”

Ignition by Inductive Automation enables comprehensive digital integration in industrial settings, allowing for the connection of multiple devices and extensive data collection. The platform facilitates the creation and deployment of custom applications across a variety of industrial and mobile devices, enhancing operational efficiency.