Posted December 24, 2023

Fixtureworks' line of one-touch indexing clamps provide precise locating, positioning

Fixtureworks now offers One-Touch indexing clamps, often referred to as indexing plungers. They are quick fasteners that slide or rotate with precise locating for position adjustment.

Fixtureworks one touch indexing clampsIndexing clamps, when incorporated into fixtures, jigs and other workholding mechanisms are designed for positioning applications that require fast and easy locating and relocating of work materials. When engaged, the nose of the plunger extends into the workpiece, helping to hold its location. They feature a quarter-turn knob with on/off markings along with a perceptible "click" when locking and unlocking.

The indexing clamps come with or without spring pressure. With the spring pressure version, the tapered pin is pushed out by the spring when the tapered bushing and tapered pin are aligned. Without spring pressure, you can turn the knob when the tapered bushing and tapered pin are aligned. Both types are available in 26 or 32 mm diameters. Overall lengths vary between 33 and 58 mm in the Off position.

The spring pressure clamp comes with a 3-position version that includes a "mid" position on the knob between the on and off positions. A red indicator band is visible when the fastener is in the off position. The tapered surface contact provides +/- 0.05 repeatability. The on/off marking and click eliminate human error. Turning the handle reduces workpiece setup time and the spiral cam mechanism provides high clamping force up to 170N with no displacement of the axial load.

In addition, Fixtureworks offers tapered bushings with or without thread to accompany
the clamps. They, like the clamps, help provide fast, repetitive locating, accurate positioning and secure holding. They are available in 8 and 10 mm diameter sizes and are made from 1045 steel with an electroless nickel-plated finish.

In addition to these one-touch indexing clamps and bushings, Fixtureworks offers a variety of clamping options such as hook-type pull clamping systems, pneumatic clamping locators, nutrunner clamps, quick change pneumatic clamping fasteners, quick action sliding locators. Along with a variety of components such as handles and levers, knobs and grips, equipment handles, hand wheels and cranks, hinges and latches, leveling supports, industrial rubber bumpers, stops and wheels, work positioning elements, vises, grippers and mechanical linear actuators.