Posted November 28, 2023

EMUGE-FRANKEN wins ANCA 2023 tool of the year award

EMUGE-FRANKEN USA, a manufacturer of high-performance taps, thread mills, end mills, drills, and other rotary tools, announced the research and development team at EMUGE-FRANKEN global headquarters was the winner of the ANCA 2023 Tool of the Year Award, presented at EMO in September.

Emuge Franken end mill design wins ANCA Tool of the Year 2023EMUGE-FRANKEN received the award for its unique, highly accurate and versatile tool comprised of carbide and ceramic based on the new FRANKEN Cera-Cut End Mills design. ANCA, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of CNC grinding machines, invites cutting tool manufacturers worldwide to annually compete for the most innovative cutting tool, demonstrating expertise in design and production using ANCA technology.

“It is an honor for EMUGE-FRANKEN to receive the prestigious ANCA Tool of the Year Award, and to have our end mill recognized for its precision and innovation,” said Bob Hellinger, president, EMUGE-FRANKEN USA. “Our tools are known for their superior performance and our company’s success is rooted in its precision, innovation and quality.”

ANCA selected the FRANKEN end mill based on its engineering excellence such as being the closest to the specified nominal tolerance in terms of diameter and profile among all the competitive tool submissions. Also, the FRANKEN end mill delivered the best results in the profile and 3D edge radius measurements.