Posted February 13, 2023

Sealmaster Stainless Steel Gold bearings for corrosive environments

Sealmaster Stainless Steel (SS) Gold bearings from Regal Rexnord Corp. are engineered for reliable, long lasting performance and contamination resistance in corrosive and washdown environments in the food and beverage, pharmaceuticals and chemical processing industries.

The SS Gold bearings feature a triple lip high performance contact seal with an integrated flinger for multi-directional sealing to minimize contamination ingress and retain lubricant. The highly durable, FKM seal lip material is chemical resistant and capable of withstanding high temperatures. The bearings are IP69K certified, providing a dust-tight construction able to withstand high pressures and steam cleaning.Sealmaster-SS-Gold

The bearing housings are constructed from 316 passivated stainless steel, which provides a high degree of corrosion resistance. The bearings’ machined solid base reduces entrapment points, with a smooth casting to provide an easy-to-clean surface. 440C stainless steel inner and outer rings provide great load capacity and corrosion resistance for a wide range of applications and chemicals.

“Our new Sealmaster SS Gold bearings represent superior sealing and corrosion resistance for industries that demand durability for tough environments,” said Chris Schulte, product manager, mounted ball bearings. “In addition to their innovative design, the bearings are constructed from high performance components proven to deliver reliable performance and a long operational life.”