Posted January 9, 2023

MEGASYNC Titanium belt

MEGASYNC Titanium is MEGADYNE's flagship high-performance power transmission belt that delivers a new level of performance for Synchronous timing belt drive applications.

The combination of materials and belt design used to create Titanium have been tested against industry-leading belt brands and proven to deliver results that matter to end users.

"The new belt design surpasses the current industries’ offerings with e carbon cords, unique cross-linked elastomer construction, and a new low-friction self-lubricating tooth facing. However, one of the most important features is that the belt is anti-static," said Anna Villalta, global R&D manager at Rubber Power Transmission Belts.

The belt’s anti-static features, high-strength cords and wide temperature range make Titanium the right choice for high-performance needs across a broad range of industries and applications such as Oil and Gas, HVAC, Material Handling & Logistics, Agriculture, Wood, Marble & Heavy industry, Textile and Machine Tools.