Posted February 21, 2017

ContiTech Sicon enclosed belt conveyor system

ContiTech offers Sicon, a unique enclosed belt conveyor system designed to cover materials in applications where protection from the elements or transportation over challenging paths are required.

ContiTech Sicon“In addition to its inherent capability of protecting materials in transport, Sicon has the additional characteristic of extra-high flexibility which allows the belt system to fit requirements that demand curves of up to 180 degrees,” said Frank Merrbach, brand manager, Sicon conveyor system. “This allows involved system designs that provide optimum conformity to topographical conditions, and there is the added benefit of being environmentally responsible.”

The unique technology also allows for serpentine routing that is often required in altitude differences over very short distances. “The Sicon system can cope with corners and edges without the need for additional transfer points,” Merrbach said. Sicon designs can allow for gradients of up to 35 degrees and can reduce tensile load on the belt with the arrangement of several drive stations with at least 90 degrees encapsulation in the curves.

The Sicon conveyor belt system is applicable to these industries: Construction, power, cellulose, steel/metal, underground and surface mining, food and processing.