Weldcraft’s Air-Cooled TIG Torches

Weldcraft offers two air-cooled models from its premier Crafter Series: the CS125A and CS200A.

Weldcraft TIG torchesFeaturing exceptionally lightweight torch bodies, both models help minimize welding operator fatigue, while still providing reliable welding capabilities. The CS125A and CS200A TIG torches both feature Weldcraft’s exclusive D-Handle design, which allows the welding operator to orient the torch by feel and improves overall torch control. Provides excellent air-cooling capacity, eliminating the need and expense for complex water-cooled systems and increasing portability for field applications.

The CS125A torch is rated at 130 amps DC and 100 amps AC at 60 percent duty cycle and is available with a two-piece power cable or Weldcraft’s one-piece Mono-Flex power cable. The Mono-Flex power cable remains flexible even in cold weather, making it easy to maneuver regardless of the welding position or temperature. The CS200A TIG torch provides 200 amps DC or 150 amps AC welding capacity at 60 percent duty cycle and is available with Weldcraft’s two-piece power cable.