Posted September 26, 2017

Apache exclusive selling partner for Infinity Belting Finger Scraper

Apache Inc. is now the exclusive selling partner for Infinity Belting’s patented Finger Scraper System, covering both the United States and Mexico.

Infinity Finger Scraper
Infinity Finger Scraper

“Apache is excited to offer a solution using proven technology, and make it available to our customers through our network of industrial distributors,” said Gregg Hanson, Vice President of Sales & Marketing for Apache. “The unique, patented design of The Finger Scraper truly cleans the belt more effectively than anything on the market, and with far greater efficiency.”

The Finger Scraper acts as both a primary and secondary scraper all in one unit. The blades are easier to view for maintenance and housekeeping, and the finger paddles are easier to install and replace than on other scraper in the market. While other scrapers can only be mounted at the head pulley and in a certain position, the Finger Scraper can be mounted anywhere on the return side of the system.

“Infinity Belting’s philosophy has always been to be a partner with our customers, to listen to their concerns and discuss the specific issues regarding their conveyor systems,” said Shawn Foley, president of Infinity Belting Ltd., who is the inventor of the Finger Scraper System. “We then take all the information we have gathered and devise a long term working solution for our client partners.”

Drawing on his many years of experience in the conveying industry was how the Finger Scraper System was created. The design addresses specific issues voiced by customers who were dissatisfied with clogged up brush style scrapers, and scrapers that didn’t work well on profiled or cleated belts. This patented solution not only prolongs the life of the belt and conveyor system, but provides easier housecleaning and cleanup, which is s significant resolution for conveyor systems in markets like recycling plants, rock quarries, or in wood processing.