Posted October 26, 2016

Conti Synchrochain Carbon belts

Continental has introduced Conti Synchrochain Carbon power transmission belts for a variety of applications and industries.

Conti Synchrochain“Conti Synchrochain Carbon is the strongest synchronous belt that Continental offers,” said Brent Holstine, product specialist, power transmission products, “and it uses ultra high strength polyurethane and carbon cord to deliver more power in a smaller package. It’s the carbon that makes the difference. It allows the belt a higher power capacity, longer service life with hardly any initial tension loss.”

The belt can transmit up to five times more power than conventional timing belts with the same overall width – belt width can be reduced by up to 80 percent. In addition, the great stiffness of the cord in Conti Synchrochain Carbon means initial tension loss is cut to almost zero. “Over the lifetime of the belts this represents a further enhancement in drive efficiency,” said Holstine.

Conti Synchrochain Carbon is a light but durable polyurethane belt. It is high-tensile and, at the same time, longitudinally stable carbon for the tension member. “The intelligent design with high-quality materials ensures clean, smooth and particularly reliable power transmission both at high torques or dynamic loads,” Holstine added.