Stock Drive Products timing belt pulleys

A new series of 1 mm pitch timing belt pulleys from Stock Drive Products (SDP) are designed for miniature applications.

SDP metric pulleysThe metric pulleys, identified as the A 6A18M Series, are stocked in 17 different sizes ranging from 18 to 75 grooves. These are the smallest standardized pitch timing pulleys available anywhere, an important option to consider when trying to miniaturize your product design for prototype or production application.

These clear anodized, aluminum alloy pulleys are designed for 3 mm and 6 mm wide belts, also stocked by SDP. The pulleys are offered with double flange and no flange options, pitch diameters ranging from 5.73 mm to 23.87 mm, and bore sizes ranging from 2 mm to 5 mm. Pulleys with 18 to 45 grooves have one set screw, others have two at 90°.