Posidyne clutch brake

Force Control Industries introduced the new Size 30 Posidyne Clutch Brake with “Oil Shear Technology.”

Posidyne clutch brakeIt can be operated as a clutch only for applications such as pumps or fans or as a clutch brake for cycling or indexing applications. This Posidyne clutch brake dynamically accelerates or decelerates high inertia loads without wear on friction discs, providing years of maintenance-free, no-downtime operation. That is in contrast to dry friction clutches or brakes which are designed to lock up, and tend to have significant wear if used dynamically. The Size 30 features smooth and quiet acceleration or deceleration due to the Oil Shear Technology. It is ideal for bulk materials handling applications such as use on conveyors, load-out conveyors, as well as bulk loading applications like rail car dumpers, portside conveyors, and other critical “no downtime” applications.

The Posidyne Size 30 consists of 7 basic components (1) the input shaft which is connected to the motor or engine, (2) the output shaft which is connected to the load, (3) a clutch and brake stack consisting or multiple alternating friction discs and drive plates, and (4) a centrally located piston between the brake and clutch that will engage either the clutch, or brake, but never overlap to engage both at the same time. Two other important components are (5) the piston seals (o-rings with Teflon liners with each o-ring), and (6) springs tending to push the piston to the brake side (there are many combinations of springs and pressure called logic types). The final component is (7) the transmission fluid that make the whole unit possible.