DGD advanced nutrunner

DGD, a brand of industrial assembly tools from Apex Tool Group, recently released its third generation DGD Intelligent Spindle, an advanced nutrunner for industrial applications.

DGD Intelligent SpindleThe third generation nutrunner is designed to limit costs, reduce maintenance requirements and increase speed up to 98 percent compared to conventional nutrunners.

Unlike conventional spindle nutrunners, DGD's Intelligent Spindle uses a single cable from the controller to the spindle cluster and is powered by a compact Cleco mPRO400GC controller. Each Intelligent Spindle features an on-board servo module mounted to the spindle, eliminating the need to house separate modules in a cabinet. The on-board electronics have been tested to 45º C and shock/vibration proven to 13 g's in three dimensions for one million cycles. The mean time before failure (MTBF) of the servo module is seven million cycles. In standard configuration, the DGD Intelligent Spindle is available with torque capability from two to 1,600 Nm.

Intelligent Spindle nutrunners are certified to the highest standard of accuracy and durability as follows:

  • ISO certified to +/- 2% accuracy
  • More than one million duty cycles maintenance-free
  • Three million duty cycle guarantee

The DGD Intelligent Spindle lowers the cost of ownership by limiting downtime and maintenance. The third generation product is easy to service, increasing productivity up to 98 percent when compared with conventional nutrunners. Since there is no need for a conventional floor-mounted, air-conditioned control panel, less floor space is required.

"During a time when cost containment and budget reduction is the norm, our goal is to continue to accurately anticipate the needs of our customers," said David J. Wise, marketing product manager for DGD. "The DGD Intelligent Spindle satisfies the need for reduced costs and increased productivity, serving as an innovative and practical option for automotive applications."

Major domestic and foreign automotive manufacturers are using the DGD Intelligent Spindle. The DGD Intelligent Spindle is part of many other safety-critical fastening systems and assembly products offered by Apex Tool Group. The wide line includes advanced products such as the Cleco mPro400GC Global Controller and DGD Modular Torque Handling Systems.