Posted April 21, 2021

SKF expands Explorer bearing line

SKF has extended its Explorer range with a four-row cylindrical roller bearing (4rCRB), aimed at demanding applications in long product rolling mills.

SKF four-row cylindrical bearingThe new SKF Explorer 4rCRB design offers up to 50% longer service life than the previous generation 4rCRB, said Gustavo Guerrero, SKF’s director of product management for CRBs. “Our new SKF Explorer line is more robust, resulting in higher reliability and increased service life. This improves uptime and productivity for customers, which in turn reduces total cost of ownership (TCO) and raises overall equipment effectiveness (OEE).”

The new 4rCRB bearing helps overcome challenges caused by contamination, high loads, varying speeds and reversing torques, which can cause premature bearing failure, production delays and excess scrap. At the same time, improved robustness against contamination, and the ability to build up a better lubrication film, leads to higher reliability.

Its introduction makes SKF a single source of supply for multi-row tapered, cylindrical and spherical roller bearings for long rolling mill customers.

Explorer bearings have properties that include reduced friction, increased hardness and improved steel quality that gives them the ability to withstand heavier radial and axial loads and allows them to run cooler, smoother and longer than standard bearings.