Posted June 9, 2021

Ready-to-connect servo drive

STXI Motion, a global motion control and servo solutions company, introduced the servSD ready-to-connect low-voltage servo drive, aimed at applications such as automated guided vehicles/autonomous mobile robots, electronics assembly, and medical equipment.

servSD ready-to-connect servo driveThe servo drive offers high power density in a small footprint (106 mm wide, 73.6 mm deep, 40 mm high) with near-motor mounting for applications with tight space constraints. With Safe Torque Off (STO) functional safety, the servSD meets the full range of safe operation requirements and can be connected to a master motion PLC or a modular safety controller.

The ready-to-connect drive doesn’t require pin soldering or cable adaptors, supports common motor feedback types including SSI, incremental, and BiSS, and uses real-time data exchange for higher levels of axis synchronization and safer modes of operation. A simple commissioning software with comprehensive parameterization options offers step-by-step guidance for motor setup, application configuration, and tuning.

The SD01-030 model offers a 24 VDC input bus, 24 VDC input logic, continuous current of 30 Arms, and peak current of 100 Arms, while the SD01-025 model features a 48 VDC input bus, 24 VDC input logic, continuous current of 25 Arms, and peak current of 80 Arms. The new servo drive is the latest in the company’s existing servo drive portfolio, which includes medium and high voltage drives for a wide range of applications.