Posted September 4, 2023

NAHAD spotlights hose safety in Sept., and Industrial Supply Magazine helps spread the word

The Association for Hose and Accessories Distribution (NAHAD) will be sponsoring the first annual Hose Safety Awareness Week, September 10-16, 2023. Industrial Supply Magazine featured NAHAD's executive vice president, Molly Alton Mullins, in a special HOT SEAT interview – a short video Q&A that explains the importance of the safety focus.

Molly Alton Mullins
Molly Alton Mullins

NAHAD is committed to ensuring that all hose manufacturers and distributors have the tools they need to promote hose safety with their teams and end-users. NAHAD, through the Hose Safety Institute (HSI) provides education and training through a series of prescribed best practices, educational webinars, downloadable resources, and hands-on instruction throughout the year.

In recognition of these efforts and to promote the importance of hose safety essentials, this is a week where members can come together in a concentrated way to highlight the actionable safety approaches implemented within their daily business operations to keep staff and customers safe.

Dave Heckler, Alliance Hose & Rubber Co. and NAHAD President captured the efforts of this week perfectly:

"NAHAD’s Hose Safety Institute (HSI) has established Hose Safety Awareness Week to promote the resources of HSI to all hose distributors, manufacturers, and end-users. With new people joining our industry and joining the workforce at our end-users annually, it is incumbent on us to continually provide messaging and training that supports industry best practices and guidelines to ensure hose assembly safety, quality, and reliability. By raising awareness of the potential hazards associated with hoses, and how to prevent accidents and injuries, we can keep workers safe and their operations running efficiently.

"We invite everyone our members to re-acquaint themselves with the latest tools and resources the Hose Safety Institute has to offer. As companies become known for their commitment to hose safety, customers know who to go to and trust for their credibility and assembly safety record."

NAHAD has provided its members with a toolkit of ideas, marketing collateral, and resources they can disseminate throughout the week to demonstrate their commitment to hose assembly safety, quality, and reliability. Our intention is to fill the September calendar with numerous activities, sponsored by our members, around the country and internationally.

Visit to learn more, share the initiative, and get involved. Help spread the word on social media by using the hashtags #HSAW2023 and #HoseSafetyAwareness.

To date several organizations related to the industry have signed on as Partners to help NAHAD spread the word. They are IDCO, KCI-World, Rubber News, and WarehouseTWO, and Industrial Supply Magazine.