New MSA arc flash harnesses

MSA Safety Inc. introduced the Evotech and Workman Arc Flash Full Body Harnesses designed to self-extinguish quickly to prevent melting or dripping in the event of an arc flash.

These innovative harnesses help to keep workers safe around electrical hazards at heights.

Evotech arch flash harnessEvotech Arc Flash Harness: Provides outstanding arc flash protection for people who work at heights. Its rugged design not only looks good, but it’s more comfortable -- 30% lighter than comparable harnesses. Made from 100% Kevlar webbing, the Evotech Harness is fire-resistant, so it maintains its performance in the event of a fall after an arc flash. The harness’ inherent properties help maintain its color, making formal inspection easy. Our lightweight Kevlar shoulder padding has no binding edge, providing more comfort for the user while our patent-pending horizontal leg strap design conforms to the user’s body for increased support.

Workman Arc Flash Harness: Provides excellent arc flash protection in a sleek, black design that’s lightweight and comfortable. The high-strength nylon is designed to maintain its integrity after exposure to an arc flash and in the event of a fall. The Workman Arc Flash harness is a cost-effective option for safety managers and contractors who need to be compliant to the latest electrical requirements without breaking the budget.