Bayco headlamps

The XPP-5450G and XPP-5452G headlamps from Nightstick are listed Intrinsically Safe for use in Class I, II, III, Division I, and Groups A, B, C, D, E, F, and G hazardous locations.

XPP-5450G headlampThey join the lengthy list of Intrinsically Safe products already on the market from Nightstick including:

  • XPP-5456G headlamp with white high/low spotlight and white high/low, and red floodlight
  • XPP-5458G headlamp with white high/low spotlight and white high/low, and green floodlight
  • XPP-5420G (green) and XPP-5420B (black) flashlights
  • XPP-5422G (green) and XPP-5422B (black) dual-light flashlight
  • XPP-5450G headlamp with white high/low spotlight
  • XPP-5452G headlamp with white high/low spotlight

These headlamps offer dual functions with user-selectable high and low-brightness white LED spotlight settings, which are easily chosen with the push of a single button. With a multi-position tilt head design, elastic head strap with non-slip lining, and a heavy-duty rubber head strap, these headlamps are easily used on ball caps and hardhats alike, or are even comfortable worn directly on the head.

The XPP-5450G and the XPP-5452G are identical in size, measuring 2.4” x 1.9” x 1.8” and weighing only 3.5 oz. They are encased in an engineered polymer housing, are impact and chemical resistant (drop rated to 2 meters) and are IP-X7 waterproof. The only differences between the two products are light output and run-time.