Silvagrip non-skid surface

Silva Non-Skid Solutions offers a patent pending Non Skid Surface that you peel and stick to walkways or decks.

SilvaGripThe surface engineered grip offers:

• Ten plus years expected life
• Corrosion Proof
• UV proof
• Oil and Chemical Resistant
• Resistant to wear
• Can be cleaned by Scrubbing and/or Pressure Washing
• Peel and stick application

Silvagrip is fabricated with the most sophisticated technical alloys. These metals hold a matrix of sharp ceramic abrasives, with hardness just under diamonds. Silvagrip is very ductile and capable of being shaped or bent, but at the same time giving you the strongest and hardest non skid wear surface.

The non-skid material is an aluminum/ceramic blend of molten metal and ceramic, applied to a backing with adhesive and a protective paper liner. Simply pull the paper liner and apply to your deck or walkways.

Silvagrip has revolutionized the traditional epoxy non skid coatings, used by the Navy and workboats alike. Applications are endless for indoor and outdoor uses.