Posted May 12, 2020

Gear Keeper TL1-2006 retractable wrist tether

Safely avoiding at-heights entanglement issues from multiple dangling tethers, the new TL1-2006 retractable wrist tether is designed for small hand tools weighing up to one pound where a short drop length is required.

TL1-2006 retractable wrist tetherThe TL1-2006 patented Quick Connect (QC-II) tool tether fittings offer fast and easy side release for quick interchangeability of tools; permitting technicians to use only one tether for the small tools in their tool pouch. The TL1-2006 comes complete with a strong, impact-absorbing lanyard tool attachment.

Safety is built into all components of this ANSI-121 compatible highly engineered and durable retractable drop-safety system. Gear Keeper’s TL1-2006 side release retractable wrist tether offers exceptional benefits of safety, productivity, accessibility and comfort for workers not available in other tethering systems. The TL1-2006 ample reach virtually eliminates arm strain and fatigue with a low-force 3 oz. extension up to 46”.

The TL1-2006 side release retractable tethering system specifications include; Stainless Steel Carabiner, Load Limit 1-pound, Extended Length 46”, Retraction Force 3 oz. and QC-II side release. The retail cost is $32.50 per unit. For multiple tool use, additional Q/C-II Shock Absorbing Spectra/Nylon Lanyards are available.