MCR Safety Alycore gloves

MCR Safety introduces new levels of cut and comfort protection with Alycore technology.

Alycore glovesAlycore gloves provide protection 2000 grams greater than the current minimum requirement for CPPT cut level 5 performance. This patented technology creates the most cut and puncture resistant gloves available in the market today. Alycore gloves offer maximum dexterity and sense of touch due to the high degree of flexibility and patent pending construction.

Alycore styles are available in ForceFlex, Memphis Multitask, and Ninja Flex series for an assortment of industry applications. All Alycore styles provide cut performance levels which exceed CPPT and CE level 5 ratings. Dfferent cut and puncture protection zones range from just the palm to complete 360 degree coverage. Memphis Multitask ML300A gloves meet modified ASTM 1342-05 standard for needle stick protection. All Alycore styles are launderable and have an ID Tag for personalizing.