Posted June 9, 2022

Pyramex lightweight pullover hoodies

Pyramex has expanded its summer offerings to include its new RLPH1 Series of lightweight pullover hoodies that combine UPF 50+ sun protection with lightweight moisture-wicking fabric to keep workers well protected and cool this summer.

Pyramex lightweight pullover hoodiesWith two bright colors available, the new RLPH1 hoodie allows workers to be clearly visible by others around them during the day as well as in low light conditions. Add in the scorching sun and rising temperatures, and there’s a substantial need for quality apparel that does triple duty incorporating hi-vis coloring, lightweight breathability, and premium sun protection to keep workers safe and production strong through hot and humid weather.

The new Pyramex RLPH1 pullover hoodie is made from a polyester and spandex blend which makes it lightweight with moisture-wicking capabilities, perfect for keeping workers cool while working up a sweat outdoors. Long workdays under harmful sun exposure are no longer an issue thanks to the hoodie’s UPF 50+ rating, keeping skin well protected from the sun’s harmful rays. Plus, wearers can extend the protection to the top of the head as well as shield the ears by simply pulling up the incorporated hood. The long-sleeve hoodie also comes with an outer pocket to keep smaller items like smart phones handy and within reach.

The RLPH1 pullover hoodie is available in three colors: hi-vis yellow, hi-vis orange and dark gray; and is available in a wide range of sizes from small to 5XL.