PIP's online eyewear selector guide

Protective Industrial Products Inc. introduced its new interactive online selector guide for safety eyewear.

PIP online eyewear selector guideRunning off of PIP’s proprietary search engine platform, this selector guide allow users to quickly zoom in on the optimal safety eyewear choices for their specific task.

“Finding the right eyewear for the job is not always straightforward,” says Kurt Matejka, PIP’s product manager for eye and face protection products. Gone are the old days of clear spectacles with one-style in black or grey. Today’s workers want styling and comfort. Safety officers want more; they want lens technologies that protect workers as well as improve productivity. They’re not only looking for impact protection, but enhanced UV protection, higher visual acuity and lens technologies that combat eye fatigue in the work environment."

PIP’s acquisition of HL Bouton Co. was the impetus for developing its full range of Bouton Optical eye and face protective products.

Anthony Di Giovanni, PIP’s director of global marketing, adds, “Bouton Optical offers multiple options for any given end user application. In this complex world of multitasking you need simplification. And that’s just what our interactive online selector guide for safety eyewear does – it makes selection easy by narrowing down the options while ensuring customers get the best protection.”