Nortech ATEX-approved pneumatic vacuums

Nortech Vacuum Products, a division of Guardair Corporation, announced a new line of ATEX Approved Pneumatic Vacuums for hazardous locations.

Nortech ATEX approved vacuumThe new vacuums eliminate the threat of static electricity by combining static conductive design with inherently safe pneumatic vacuum technology. They are approved for hazardous environments; meeting the requirements for use in Class I, Group A, B, C & D, and Class II, Groups E, F, and G; and is ATEX-approved (EX) for zones 1, 2, 21, and 22.

Regular vacuums can unintentionally create static electricity that can be dangerous in locations with perilous vapors or combustible dust. Currently there are no standards that exist to certify pneumatic vacuums for safe use in hazardous locations within the United States; however Europe has developed standards known as ATEX Directives. That said, Nortech recently engaged a UK-based and nationally recognized testing laboratory to certify their ATEX Approved Pneumatic Vacuums against the ATEX Directives.

“The number of fires due to combustible dust within industrial plants has been increasing, prompting an immediate need to create a safer work environment throughout all factories, plants, worksites, etc.,” said Eric Mills, Vice President Sales & Marketing at Guardair Corporation, a leading manufacturer of pneumatic equipment used for industrial cleaning and maintenance. “We have always taken pride in our focus on worker safety and the ATEX Approved Pneumatic Vacuums are no exception.”

The ATEX Approved Pneumatic Vacuums run entirely off compressed air and are available in 30 and 55 gallon drum units. They come complete with three grounding options, 1 ½” or 2” vac hose, static conductive air supply hose and fittings, and all metal pick-up tools. The static conductive attachments, electrically bonded internal components, and multiple grounded options eliminate static electricity at the source. Given their safety and power, the Nortech ATEX Approved Pneumatic Vacuums are perfect for any wet or dry industrial cleaning applications where vacuum technology is used.