Posted June 30, 2022

FlexMaster Safety Renovation Treads

Wooster Products’ FlexMaster Safety Renovation Treads offer an easily applied anti-slip surface to interior or exterior stairs.

FlexMaster Safety Renovation TreadsAn extruded aluminum base is covered with Flex-Tred® anti-slip tape which provides a much higher coefficient of friction, whether wet or dry, significantly reducing the risk of slips or falls.

They are available in lengths to 12-feet and with a variety of tread depths. Various colors, including fluorescent colors and NiteGlow Glow in the Dark are available; all colors extend uniformly throughout the abrasive surface.

The abrasive Flex-Tred tape is chemically bonded onto the extrusion with an adhesive matrix capable of a 7.3 pounds per square in peel strength. Abrasive surfaces are level with extrusion surfaces for enhanced safety and comfort.

Flexmaster provides a quick, easy, and inexpensive opportunity to enhance the safety of stairways, making them ideal for renovations, retrofits, safety upgrades, and more.