ProWorks nitrile gloves

ProWorks nitrile gloves from NuTrend help provide a healthier, safer and cleaner environment for both the worker and the facility.

ProWorks nitrile glovesProWorks nitrile disposable gloves are available in industrial and exam grades and a variety of weights, colors and lengths to suit any application. ProWorks nitrile gloves are ideal for healthcare workers who need reliable barrier protection from bacteria, bloodborne viruses and chemicals during procedures where the risk of exposure to such fluids is likely.

Nitrile, a synthetic polymer, has many of the same properties as natural rubber latex, but is free of any latex proteins that can cause skin sensitivity and allergic reactions — particularly important in a healthcare environment. Its excellent barrier properties also make it a safer choice for the wearer during cleaning and sanitation procedures. Nitrile is often specified instead of latex for its superior resistance to a wide range of chemicals, solvents and alkalis in mechanical or industrial facilities. Nitrile gloves help prevent cross contamination, especially in food processing, by keeping any germs on the hands from coming in contact with food.

Nitrile disposable gloves pro¬vide excellent dexterity and elasticity similar to latex, and newer technology produces thinner material with improved tactile sensitivity. Yet nitrile offers three times more puncture resistance than a comparable thickness of latex, providing dependable protection for the user. Blue and orange nitrile are popular choices for high-visibility applications, such as food processing and aircraft maintenance. Black nitrile gloves are preferred for mechanical and facility maintenance work, providing both chemical protection and tactile sensitiv¬ity while concealing oil and grease stains.

ProWorks exam grade nitrile gloves come in 3- to 13-mil thicknesses in blue, black, hi-vis orange, dark blue, and new blue violet. ProWorks industrial grade nitrile gloves come in 3- to 8-mil thicknesses in blue, black or white. In addition, an unbranded blue 5-mil nitrile industrial grade glove is also available at a great everyday low price. The ProWorks nitrile line offers a far greater range of weights than many national brands, offering extra protection — more than the typical 3.5-mil disposable glove — and better value.