Posted April 7, 2021

Centurion Nexus Extreme Mips helmet

MPS Inc. introduced Centurion’s new Nexus Extreme Mips helmet, the world’s first industrial safety helmet utilizing the Mips Cradle (Multi-directional impact protection system).

Centurion Nexus Extreme Mips helmetThe Nexus Extreme Mips helmet takes head protection to the next level, exceeding standards by matching a strong, lightweight ABS shell and mountaineering chinstrap to a suspension featuring the Mips low-friction layer, allowing up to 15mm of rotational movement inside the helmet shell on impact. Studies show that in helmets without Mips the brain moves inside the skull when impacted, leading to potentially severe injury and brain damage. In a Mips equipped helmet, the helmet’s cradle moves so that your brain doesn’t, providing extreme 360° protection.

The Nexus Extreme Mips helmets includes Centurion’s Twist-2-Fit ratchet headbands, compatibility with Centurion’s range of accessories, and is available in a full spectrum of colors.