Greenlee launches safety product line

Greenlee of Textron Inc. recently launched a new line of rugged Safety Products that not only provides protection but also comfort and convenience.

Greenlee sunglassesFrom head gear such as hats and safety glasses to weather appropriate accessories such as stylish cooling bandanas, Greenlee offers them all.

While safety is the primary goal, Greenlee offers a fashionable alternative to these Safety Products,” said Chris Harland, Greenlee project manager. “Greenlee has also embedded its signature ‘green’ into these newly launched products.”

The line of accessories includes three styles of high visibility Class 2 Hi-Vis vests, which were produced from top quality materials. There are also eight styles of indoor and outdoor ANSI compliant eyewear. These glasses offer maximum protection and view to trade professionals.

The new Safety Product line also provides one of the most valuable assets in the professional trade industry– the highly abused work gloves. Greenlee added three styles of top quality, high dexterity gloves to prevent injury, to protect the hands, to improve comfort and to reduce fatigue.