MPS AirPro Baseball bump cap

MPS Inc. announces the AirPro Baseball Bump Cap which offers protection from bumps, scrapes and lacerations to the head, where hard hats are not required.

AirProThe AirPro Baseball Bump Cap focuses on breathability, comfort and hygiene, making it ideal for use in warmer environments. A three-piece design provides maximum circulation and coolness. At less than 5 ounces, the AirPro is extremely lightweight, without sacrificing strength.

The AirPro consists of a cap/cover, shell, and pad. The shell and pad can be easily cleaned under tap water, while the cap/cover can be machinewashed. The cap/cover is treated with a fabric protector, enabling small spills and spots to be wiped away.
Available in a variety of colors including high visibility orange and yellow. The product is now available.