Gateway Safety GirlzGear

Gateway Safety announced the addition of two new safety glasses to its GirlzGear family of products, the company’s line specifically tailored to women in the workforce.

Parallax eyewearParallax safety eyewear, recently launched as part of the Temple Technology group of products, is available in two different pink options: one with a pink temple flex and clear lens, and another with a pink mirror lens and a gray temple flex.

GirlzGear is a popular assembly of protective wear designed to help female workers who struggle with improperly fitting safety equipment – such as eyewear that slips off or pinches. In a June 2014 article, “Women and PPE: Finding the right fit,” Safety and Health magazine recently reconfirmed that personal protective equipment (PPE) often does not fit women properly or comfortably if it is generically sized.* Ill-fitting protective equipment can be a critical compliance concern, since PPE products are much more likely to be removed or not donned in the first place if the items are uncomfortable, inadequate, or just do not fit.

GirlzGear safety products speak to the need for different equipment for women, and are offered in more sizes to fit the female frame. Additional color options and styles help appeal to a broader audience as well. This is an on-trend development that employers are embracing – the International Safety Equipment Association (ISEA) reports that many employers now provide a full range of sizes for PPE.

Parallax broadens the assortment of safety products offered for women, beyond more traditional, basic styles. Its temples feature two parallel pieces – the top with a more rigid component to provide stability, and a lower component made from a flexible polymer to act as a cushion, relieving pinch points behind the ear. The contrasting colors between the two parts give it a one-of-a-kind appearance. Parallax meets ANSI Z87.1+, CSA Z94.3 and the ballistic impact resistance requirements for eyewear in U.S. Military Performance Specification MIL PRF-31013.

“Parallax is a perfect addition to GirlzGear. It’s a modern style, with unique color combinations, that appeals to a wide audience,” said marketing manager Katie Mielcarek. “Women will find these glasses not only stylish but, with a patented temple design to alleviate discomfort behind the ears, ultra-comfortable, too.”