Posted August 19, 2020

NoTrax Launches Safety Message and Slogan Mats

NoTrax announced the launch of the new 194 Safety Message and 195 Slogan Mats, attention-grabbing floor mats with pre-printed messages.

NoTrax safety matThese dynamic mats also clean dirt and moisture from shoes and keep facilities cleaner and safer while reinforcing work safety reminders and boosting morale.

As more businesses search for ways to operate while keeping employees safe, the 194 Safety and 195 Slogan Mats effectively convey the proper safety recommendations outlined by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) to limit the spread of COVID-19.

Mark McElhinny, president and CEO of the Justrite Safety Group, the parent company of NoTrax, said the 194 Safety Message Mats are a quick and effective solution to implement a work environment that promotes personal hygiene and social distancing.

“Workplaces typically have safety signs in place to draw attention to fire exits and potential hazards, but they are often small and easily overlooked,” said McElhinny. “Printing safety warnings onto a mat is a highly visible solution that can be used to preemptively warn employees and visitors of important safety information.”

To help boost morale or to just interject a bit of fun in the workplace, the 195 Slogan Mats feature encouraging messages and positive sentiments that both customers and employees will appreciate seeing throughout the day.

This is especially important amid a public health crisis where “social distancing can make people feel isolated and lonely and can increase stress and anxiety,” said a recent CDC study.

“Working during a pandemic poses not just physical risks to one’s health, but the stress of working and living through it can cause strong emotions,” says McElhinny, “Letting your employees and customers know that you have their safety in mind and well wishes will create a positive environment.”

Both mats are made from a high-quality fiber with a heavy-duty vinyl backing that creates surface friction. They effectively absorb dirt and moisture and are slip-resistant on smooth floors such as wood, marble, tile, or concrete. The mats go through a deep dye-injection process to produce vibrant, highly visible colors and graphics that are fade-resistant.

Both the 194 Safety and 195 Slogan Mats are available in 3 x 5 feet or 4 x 6 feet sizes.

“As we continue to develop safety products to help businesses navigate their way through this pandemic, our message mats make it easier to keep the workplace safer and in compliance with safety protocol outlined by the CDC,” said McElhinny.