Posted November 10, 2021

Bob Dale Gloves BDGplanet product line

Bob Dale Gloves & Imports Ltd. (BDG) announced the launch of a new eco-focused BDGplanet product line.

BDGplanetFor over 40 years, BDG has manufactured and supplied the industrial safety (PPE) industry with quality gloves to protect industrial customers from safety hazards. Now, the innovative North American glove manufacturer is taking its protective equipment to another level with a new line of gloves that are environmentally conscious without sacrificing safety or quality.

The BDGplanet product line will be a focus for BDG moving forward as the company will introduce a variety of eco-friendly and sustainable products to its North American markets beginning in 2022. The new line includes a BDG Tri-Polymer Glove – a compostable disposable glove with 90% degradation, dermatologist approval and resistance to virus, bacteria and fungus – and the BDG Net-Zero Produced Glove, made with a carbon insetting process and sequestered greenhouse gasses per pair of gloves produced.

To bring this product line to life, BDG is partnering with socially responsible supply partners to ensure its manufacturing processes create eco-focused results. BDG’s supply partners’ sustainability initiatives include manufacturing facilities using 100% renewable biomass and solar energy for heating requirements, replanting 100,000 trees annually and using harvested rainwater and recycled water for 25% of the water used in production.

“We are incredibly proud to be able to make a positive impact on the environment with our newest products and manufacturing processes,” said Denis Dale, president. “It is very important to us to try to keep our carbon footprint at a minimum, and we hope that these new initiatives will inspire others in our industry to be mindful of how they affect the environment. These products will begin a new era for Bob Dale Gloves as we aim to make a difference by 2050 and continue to innovate our products while supplying the same protection and safety we have for over 40 years.”

BDG gloves are third-party tested to verify rating and performance. BDG’s G3 Solution process allows end users to conduct onsite evaluations of products to assess functioning and protection.