Justrite EN safety cabinets

Higher risk environments benefit from using EN safety cabinets with a longer fire resistance time, offering increased evacuation time in the event of a fire.

Justrite EN Safety cabinetThese environments include remote locations without quick access to fire-fighting emergency services and high-occupancy sites where evacuation times could be compromised.

Special construction allows containers of volatile liquids to remain intact in the event of a fire for up to 90-minutes. This allows more time for personnel evacuation, and gives emergency responders additional critical minutes for controlling the fire before it reaches the flammable contents of the cabinet, greatly reducing the spread and severity of the fire. Other high performance features of an EN cabinet include a hybrid-close door style that automatically closes in the event of a fire, dual vents with butterfly valves that close securely under fire conditions, independent locking doors for security, and a door damper for comfortable operation.

Cabinets meet EN 14470-1, OSHA, and NFPA requirements for the storage of flammable liquids and support SOLAS-05 guidelines. They are independently fire tested and approved by FM Approvals, and tested and GS certified by MPA Dresden to ensure global compliance with the most stringent safety regulations and quality standards.