Posted October 10, 2018

BelGAS FM flame arrestors

BelGAS FM introduced its full line of flame arrestors for the oil and gas industry.

BelGAS FM flame arrestorsThese critical safety products stop ignited vapors from traveling backward into the vent line or tank, preventing explosions, burns, and other hazards. The company’s suite of flame arrestors includes burner arrestors, inline arrestors, stack arrestors, and vent arrestors.

An estimated 90 percent of the components used to make each product are manufactured in-house, giving BelGAS FM extraordinary quality controls over each piece produced.

“We also capitalize on these fabrication capabilities to create custom solutions for our customers,” said Mike Collins, general manager of BelGAS FM. “We are able to make precisely the device the customer needs for a specific application.”

The company’s in-house engineering team assists with these custom orders as well, often performing calculations based on customer-supplied data to reverse engineer a product that will perform as needed. “In short, as long as we know what end result they desire, we can help,” said Collins.

Another key differentiator of BelGAS FM flame arrestors is a face plate with a pressed and sealed sight glass, rather than one that is welded or held in place with a lock nut. This eliminates seams and gaps, reduces the chance of leaks, and better withstands equipment vibration.

Its line of flame arrestors establishes BelGAS FM’s mission of providing high-quality, dependable products at an affordable price to the oil and gas industry. BelGAS FM, a division of the Marsh Bellofram family of companies, was founded earlier this year specifically to service the flame management needs of the oil and gas industry with a range of flame arrestors, tank venting accessories, burners, and specialty fabrication services.