Polartec flame resistant layering system

Polartec's updated Polartec FR layering system with a proprietary high performance yarn blend provides both flash fire and arc flash dual-hazard protection.

Polartec FREven lighter, this second generation system meets both NFPA 2112 Flash Fire and NFPA 70E Arc Flash protection standards and includes an option to add high visibility for triple hazard protection. The updated Polartec FR collection includes Polartec Power Dry FR baselayer fabric that is 25% lighter than the previous generation product while offering both NFPA 70E HRC2 and NFPA 2112 certified protection. This evolutionary fabric is also rugged and is in an industrial laundry trial program for use in the rental laundry market.

Unlike all other FR fabric suppliers, Polartec offers a full layering system of FR knits in the new yarn blend including Power Stretch High Efficiency grid fleece fabric, double velour Polartec Thermal FR fleece, and wind, rain, and soil resistant Polartec Wind Pro FR outerwear sweatshirt fleece. In addition, Polartec is in the late stages of development of Polartec Power Shield FR wovens and soft shell fabrics all made from the same patent pending technology.

“After three years of research and development, we’re launching this new collection which we feel offers the best combination of inherent flame resistance, performance, comfort and value on the market,” states Michael Batson, Polartec Senior Business Manager for Professional Workwear and Military.