Gateway Safety TruAir particulate respirators

When workplace tasks produce fumes, mists, gases, vapors, or harmful dust, the TruAir line of particulate respirators from Gateway Safety offers workers three levels of protection.

TruAirAt the top of the list is one of the most economically priced, highly effective masks in the NIOSH-approved P100* class—TruAir Ultra, which provides P100 class protection, filtering at least 99.97% of aerosols below PEL.

The TruAir Ultra mask is loaded with comfort and fit features to help ensure compliance, with a facial seal that conforms comfortably and securely to facial contours and adjustable, latex-free head straps that hold the mask snugly in place. A standard vent helps reduce hot air buildup, making breathing easier and reducing worker fatigue.

TruAir Ultra is part of Gateway Safety's TruAir line of respiratory protection, which also includes the standard TruAir with N95 level filtration and TruAir Plus with N99 level filtration. All TruAir respirators have a large, molded shell that offers plenty of breathing room. For all-day comfort, every TruAir mask features non-latex elastic head straps and an adjustable nose clip, providing a snug fit that workers will be more likely to wear for longer periods of time.