Posted May 7, 2018

True Flex Knee Pads

The True Flex Knee Pads have been re-developed to combine four patented models into two, giving the consumer the ability to change the front grip strip with two profiles.

True Flex Knee PadsThis technical adjustment results in combining two models into one at the same price.

“It’s all about setting the standard even higher and improving the product’s functionality and design,” said David Pratson, CEO of TSE Safety.

TSE’s True Flex Knee Pads came in two models, the 2.0 and the Gridiron. Each was crafted with a different front grip strip profile, designed for different work environments. Both products featured a dual density foam inner pad or gel insert inner pad.

TSE Safety has combined the 2.0 and the Gridiron into the True Flex Knee Pads and True Flex Gel Knee Pads. Both feature the Stability Bar Grip Strip and the Lo-Pro Grip Strip, which can be switched back and forth to adapt to the work environment and the user’s preference. The Stability Bar Grip Strip is a series of aggressive raised bars that, when turning, creates a flat stable base which is great for working on flat surfaces, such as shop floors. The Lo-Pro Grip Strip is designed as a lower profile grip strip that allows users to roll their knee more freely and is great for round or uneven surfaces such as in holding tanks and large ship construction environments.

Along with the new grip strip designs, True Flex Knee Pads have 1.5-inch wide woven nylon straps, an upgrade from the 1-inch straps. This will provide greater comfort and a more positive fit.