Jackson Safety auto-darkening filter for welders

Kimberly-Clark Professional has introduced the Jackson Safety W60 TrueSight, a new Auto-Darkening Filter (ADF) for welders that offers quick one-touch mode adjustment, intuitive digital controls and improved visibility.

TrueSightDesigned by welders for welders, W60 TrueSight is the latest ADF in the premier performance tier from the Jackson Safety brand of welding offerings. It is also the only ADF on the market with separate buttons – identified with icons – to easily locate and control grind, torch and weld modes.

"Experienced welders know the value of an auto-darkening filter that not only adapts to changing welding environments, but can also be optimized for user-control," said Kristy Giebe, welding products manager, Kimberly-Clark Professional. "The Jackson Safety TrueSight ADF offers welders control without compromise. Its modern, colorful intuitive design – developed through welder input – eliminates guesswork and provides enhanced control while retaining the key product attributes that welders value."

Additional Jackson Safety TrueSight ADF benefits include:

  • Easy mode selection with larger buttons that can be controlled even with a gloved hand. A built-in magnifying lens holder.
  • Adjustable settings for shade, sensitivity and delay.
  • A 30 percent larger viewing area with amber band pass technology to enhance vision.
  • An automatic on/off feature that turns the lens off two hours after the last arc.