Posted May 4, 2022

Milwaukee adds sun protection to BOLT lineup

Milwaukee Tool will expand its personal protective equipment lineup to feature BOLT sun protection accessories that connect to all Milwaukee hard hats and helmets.

BOLT sun protectionThe BOLT system allows users to secure accessories simultaneously to their Milwaukee head protection, helping them stay safe and productive on the jobsite.

"Heat illnesses have been a growing focus for OSHA and can occur when working in hot conditions. When the body can no longer control its internal temperature, it can lead to heat exhaustion or heat stroke," said Zach Richman, director of product marketing for Milwaukee Tool. "Being exposed to the sun's harmful rays for continuous hours without proper protection can also result in skin cancer. Users who work prolonged hours in direct sun exposure on jobsites could be at risk of any of these sun-related illnesses. At Milwaukee Tool, we are demonstrating our commitment to keeping our users safe by introducing *50+ UPF-rated BOLT™ sun protection accessories that help protect users' faces, ears, and back of the neck from the sun's heat and harmful rays."

The BOLT Sun Visor with Sunshade blocks UV rays by offering 360-degree UV protection and everyday wear. A *50+ UPF rating blocks out 98 percent of UV radiation, while a tinted brim reduces glare and helps increase visibility. To help users stay cool, the shade is constructed with a breathable mesh material that dries fast and is antimicrobial to prevent odor and bacteria build-up.

Also available are standalone Sun Visor and Sunshade accessories, allowing users to select their specific sun protection style based on their needs and comfort. The sunshade is constructed of the same breathable antimicrobial mesh material and features a zipper to allow the shade to be easily detached, and machine washed. Additionally, the sunshade features a reinforced band that provides built-in wind stability.

*50+ UPF Rating on Solid Portion Only