Posted January 8, 2018

Hospeco TASKBrand SureGrip floor mats

Hospeco introduced TASKBrand SureGrip absorbent adhesive floor mats, featuring the next generation of sorbent technology, to help prevent slips, trips, and falls.

TASKBrand SureGrip floor matSureGrip features superior absorption that protects floors from moisture with an impermeable adhesive backing. It is fast-drying, won’t slip, and is easily custom-cut for those hard-to-fit areas —use what is needed and keep rolls in storage for the next application.

SureGrip mitigates the sobering statistics given to slip and fall injuries. Falls caused by slips — 12% of total falls — account for over 1 million hospital emergency room visits. Falls resulting from slips are the primary cause of lost days, the leading cause of workers’ compensation claims, and, for people aged 55 years and older, the leading cause of occupational injury.

Industry-leading absorbency combined with high durability means SureGrip has you covered when the unexpected happens. The heavyweight, universal sorbent material absorbs excess moisture, cooking oil, grease/fats, condensation, and spills. SureGrip is also an effective barrier protection, stopping dust, dirt and debris from entering offices, storefronts, and businesses.

Its advanced adhesive backing assures the floor covering stays put, regardless of constant foot traffic as well as rollovers by every manner of wheeled equipment, from warehouse hand trucks and forklifts to grocery and food store oil caddies and shopping carts. SureGrip mats stay in place so well, in fact, that they clean easily. Mats can be swept, vacuumed, mopped, or cleaned with floor scrubbers or shop vacs. When SureGrip shows signs of wear or staining, simply pull up the mat and pull another section from the roll to replace. The remarkable sticky backing stops short of each edge for easy removal, pulling up and leaving no residue.

Available in blue or gray and in either 50-foot or 100-foot rolls, SureGrip can be cut for a custom fit every time and is fire retardant as per ASTM 726. SureGrip mats are the most cost-effective choice regardless of comparisons to rental or purchased mats of the same size.