NuTrend TASKBrand Spill Kits

NuTrend offers a comprehensive range of sorbent solutions for industrial spills, headlined by complete TASKBrand Spill Kits.

NuTrend TASKBrand sorbentsThe contents of each spill kit are specific to the type and quantity of potential spills, and kits are available for universal, oil-only, and chemical applications.

NuTrend TASKBrand spill kits come in 5-, 20-, 30-, and 65-gallon capacities and include one pair of gloves, one pair of safety goggles, a reusable bucket or lab pack/overpack, and the appropriate number of socks, pads, and can liners to handle the volume of the spill. A vehicle spill kit is also available, consisting of 20 pads, two 48" socks, and two clean-up bags.

Other spill-control products from NuTrend include a complete inventory of solutions. Universal: pads, rolls, socks, and pillows for both water- and oil-based spills; Oil-Only: pads, rolls, socks, booms, and pillows; yellow Hazmat: for cleanup of unknown toxic, flammable, corrosive, and chemical spills; Chemical: a variety of substrates and sizes and for indoor and outdoor use; and absorbent Rugs and Mats.

NuTrend spill kits and sorbents are part of the complete TASKBrand line of disposable wipers, cloth wipers, and rags for the janitorial, industrial, and safety markets. The breadth of NuTrend’s offering — including air care, feminine hygiene, toilet seat covers, gloves, safety products, and more — when combined with TASKBrand wipers and sorbents, allows distributors to enjoy the company’s complete bundle of products.