Posted August 10, 2016

Aldon rail car coupler lock and sign holder

Aldon Company Inc., manufacturers of railroad safety products since 1904, introduced what it calls “the ultimate in Blue Flag Protection for workers in industrial rail yards.”

Aldon rail car coupler and sign holderAldon’s RAIL CAR COUPLER LOCK AND SIGN HOLDER goes beyond OSHA safety requirements to warn against moving a stationary car where workers may be present — the COUPLER LOCK actually prevents a locomotive or other freight car from coupling to the stationary car. As Aldon says “If you can’t couple to a rail car, you can’t move it very far.”

The COUPLER LOCK fits into the sign post hole found on all railway coupler heads and is padlocked from below. The steel “cage,” in the middle of the COUPLER LOCK sits inside the knuckle of the coupler, blocking any attempt to couple by another rail vehicle. The “cage” cannot be forced out of the knuckle.

Aldon offers a variety of OSHA-mandated Blue Flag sign plates for use with the COUPLER LOCK. The Company recommends a COUPLER LOCK be installed on both couplers of a rail car, to prevent unauthorized movement or theft of the car from either direction.