Posted March 19, 2019

Radians launches over 50 new leather gloves

Radians Inc. recently launched over 50 new leather gloves.

Radians leather glovesThe company has been aggressively expanding its hand protection line over the last four years, but the 2018 acquisition of Bellingham Glove and the introduction of a new leather glove line demonstrates the safety leader’s commitment to high performance hand protection.

The new line includes leather drivers, leather palms, and leather welding gloves in economy, standard, and premium choices. Materials include cowhide, split cowhide, pigskin, and goatskin.

“Leather is a high-demand safety favorite,” said Bob Kelsey, Radians glove product manager. “Considered one of the world’s greatest natural materials, it’s durable and provides extra protection against abrasion. Plus, it resists sparks and is naturally resistant to temperatures of up to 430 degrees Fahrenheit without charring or cracking.”

Radians’ new leather line offers a variety of features, including various thumb choices like keystone, wing, straight, and Gunn cut with wing thumb. Several cuff and wrist styles are offered too, including rubberized safety cuffs, shirred wrists, 4” knit wrists, and gauntlet cuffs. Other features include winter and lined gloves, leather knuckle straps, and MIG/TIG welding gloves.