Posted October 12, 2021

Radians introduces Kevlar cut sleeves

Radians recently entered the arm protection category via the launch of its new Kevlar cut sleeves.

Radians Kevlar cut sleeves“We now have eight styles of cut sleeves,” said Justin Ladd, Radians hand protection product manager. “We strategically chose these eight styles because they will help satisfy the volume of demand existing in the industrial marketplace. For example, sleeves come in several lengths, but the 14- and 18-inch sleeves are most often used.”

“One of the primary reasons Radians entered the arm protection category was to better serve our customers,” said Ladd. “Now Radians can satisfy our customers’ hand and arm protection needs in one convenient order, saving them precious time and helping them to reach our free U.S. $750 prepaid freight minimum faster.”

Radians Cut Sleeves with DuPont Kevlar
Radians new sleeves are engineered with Kevlar, a synthetic, lightweight, heat-resistant fiber that is incredibly strong, delivering a high tensile strength-to-weight ratio. “Kevlar is also inherently flame resistant—its fibers won’t melt, drip, or support combustion,” said Ladd. “These Kevlar characteristics create sleeves with excellent cut-and heat-resistance, while keeping the sleeves lightweight and comfortable for extended wear.”

Radians’ new sleeve line-up includes:

• A2 and A3 cut resistance
• 14- and 18-inch sleeves
• Choice of a thumbhole or not