CRC Good Grip Anti-Slip Paints

CRC’s Good Grip Anti-Slip Paints provide a textured coating, eliminating dangerous, slick surfaces almost anywhere in just one coat.

Good Grip Anti-Slip PaintThe quality epoxy resin formula stands up in tough industrial applications. For interior or exterior use on floors, stairs, ladders, ramps, tool handles, railings, running boards and almost any surface exposed to moisture.

CRC Good Grip Anti-Slip Paints adhere to wood, fiberglass, cement and most materials. They are resistant to oil, gas and most chemicals and dry tack-free in 60 minutes and fully cured in 24 hours. Good Grip Paints meet the OSHA recommended static coefficient of friction (0.5). They improve traction and are more durable than anti-slip tape.

CRC Good Grip Anti-Slip Paints are available in convenient easy-to-use 16 oz aerosol containers- part #18024 Clear, part #18025 Yellow, part #18026 Black and part #18027 White.