Safety Message Mats

Superior Manufacturing Group added new updated designs to the Safety Message Mat product line.

Safety Message MatsThese pre-printed mats warn employees who may be entering a hazardous area, may need special ear or eye protection, or can just act as a reminder to think and act safely in work environments. There are 14 different message options offered with highly visible colors and graphics that create immediate identification, and select messages are also available in Spanish.

The Safety Message Mats are made with heavy-duty vinyl backing to reduce mat movement, and 24 ounces of nylon carpet top surface provides moisture absorption and retention keeping facilities cleaner and safer.

Safety Message Mats can also be used as a traditional entrance mat cleaning dirt and moisture from shoes and boots. These light to heavy traffic area mats should be used indoors at plant and employee entrances, lobbies, foyers, or any area where your safety message should be seen.

Safety Message Mats are made in the USA.